About Us


Gemütlichkeit /ɡəˈmo͞otlikˌkīt/

 Welcome to Natural State Beer Company, a unique brewery and taproom in Rogers, Arkansas.  Our goal is to bring our friends, family, neighbors and patrons along with us in this journey to instill the feeling of community and belonging that we hope embodies everyone’s experience at our brewery and taproom. The German word for this is Gemütlichkeit; hard to pronounce, but the idea is one of community, warmth, and good cheer. Life is worth celebrating and we want you to celebrate with us. 

Brewery & Taproom in Natural Setting

The Natural State

 We are proud citizens of the great state of Arkansas, and take great pride in the beauty that surrounds us throughout the Ozarks. The purity of the Natural State is reflected in how we brew our beer to the genuine care in how we serve it to you.  With a name like Natural State, it makes sense to us to tie our logo to the great beauty that surrounds Northwest Arkansas. The scenic Buffalo and White River as well as Beaver Lake and Devil’s Den (to name a few) were considered, but the Hawksbill Crag symbolically seemed to fit. Hawksbill Crag, easily one of the most photographed areas in Arkansas, is popular to tourists and Arkansans alike. It is a must see destination for all, enabling views across multiple valleys and providing breathtaking sunrise views. Nowhere else in Arkansas will you see or experience the beauty that Hawksbill Crag embodies. 

Patio View at Sunset

The Experience


Similarly, Natural State Beer Company has become a destination for locals and tourists as well. While we aren’t open for sunrises, we invite you to come see the sunset off our patio that will overlook a beautiful reflection pond while enjoying a perfectly brewed and perfectly poured beer. And, yes, we know there is great beer in Northwest Arkansas already; however, we intend to provide you the best overall experience from our taproom – which is the only place you’ll find our beer.  Let us know what you think of our beer, and feel free to provide us feedback. Welcome to Natural State Beer Company!

Ein Prosit!