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Natural state BEERS

Our Primary Selection of Beers will always be Lagers

Our goal is to appeal to all beer drinkers and not just those following the craft brew circuit. Natural State Beer will offer a lineup of unique craft lagers and a handful of  ales that celebrate the rich history of European beer, inspired primarily by German beers – no fillers. We will open with four flagship beers including: Natural State Pilsner, Natural State Vienna lager, Natural State Bock, and Natural State Doppelbock.  

We also have plans for several seasonal beers that will be announced closer to their launch dates, a handful of limited edition launches via our "UnNatural Series", and will of course feature select ales and ciders from other local breweries!

Natural State Pilsner -  Crisp, clean, and refreshing, our pilsner showcases the finest quality German malt and hops, and comes across as clean with light fruity esters. Soft, elegant maltiness that dries out in the finish and excellent head retention makes this our flagship beer. Served in a pilsner glass, the perfect pour in the perfect glass makes every patron feel they are being awarded a trophy. 

Natural State Vienna Lager -  A soft, elegant malt complexity with firm hop bitterness provides a balanced finish to this medium bodied beer. The malt flavor tends towards a rich, toasty character, without significant caramel or roast flavors and generates a dry, crisp finish with light floral, and spicy hop flavors. 

Natural State Bock -  Munich malt drives the medium body with a light infusion of crystal malt to appropriate the color of this delicious beer with toasty overtones. German Hallertauer hops finish the flavor to keep bitterness low. 

Natural State Doppelbock - Heavier and richer than Natural State Bock, this beer  is a coffee-colored beer with chocolate and roasty aromas.  Any hop bitterness in the flavor is understated, and sweet molasses flavors linger, with caramel and plums peeking through. With a lower carbonation and ABV than some of the others, this is an easy-drinking beer. 

Our Taproom

Our tap room is the heart of our business, as that is where our guests meet our beer. Gemutlichkeit, the German word that conveys an idea of warmth and friendliness, will be displayed and embodied by the design and décor of the tap room. We want our guests to feel at home in our place!